BBH Card The BBH Club Card is a membership, phone and discount card for BBH Hostels, tourist attractions and travel - all rolled into one.

Available from participating Backpacker Hostels around New Zealand, it includes voice mail*, speed dialling and calling back to New Zealand from 32 countries overseas.
*This feature will be switched off on March 1, 2013.

With the BBH Club Card you receive:

  • $20 worth of phone calls
  • A minimum saving of $3 per night at BBH accommodation - guaranteed!
  • Discounts on public transport fares
  • Discounts on car hire
  • Discounts on a range of fantastic activities throughout New Zealand
  • The speed dial feature enables you to book at BBH Hostels throughout New Zealand.

Recommended if you:

  • Want discounts on BBH Hostels, tourist attractions and travel
  • Want to be able to call home from overseas


With BBH Club Cards you get competitive national and international calling rates, plus there are no connection fees.

  • If you like getting a bargain make sure you recharge your card over the phone using a Credit card** to get an extra 10% credit FREE. (follow the voice instructions when using your card and press 1 for recharge and other options when prompted)
  • A minimum $10 top-up applies.


Do not use this card from phones with global roaming activated as normal roaming charges will apply.


There are 2 easy ways to recharge your BBH Club card.

  • Recharge online HERE using a credit card, direct debit or automatic payment.
  • Recharge over the phone using a Credit card** to get 10% extra credit FREE! Simply follow the voice instructions when using your card. A minimum $10 top-up applies.


See the back of your card for expiry rules.

Calls back to New Zealand

You can use your BBH card from 32 different countries to call back to New Zealand and stay in touch with friends and family.

Calls will be charged as follows:

For calling to a New Zealand landline,the cost is:
25c p/min surcharge + rate to NZ.

For calling to a New Zealand mobile,the cost is:
25c p/min surcharge + rate to NZ mobile.

Third Country Calling

Third Country Calling gives you the ability to make calls from outside of New Zealand to another country outside New Zealand or within the overseas country. For example you may be in Australia and want to call USA or call another number in Australia.

Calls will be charged as follows:
25c p/min surcharge + the rate from New Zealand to the destination country (landline or mobile)

Country Number
Australia 1800 124 649
Belgium# 0800-76779
Canada 1877 263 7469
Colombia 980-915-1016
Denmark# 80-882518
Dominican Rep. 1-8001561547
France 0800-914723
Germany# 0800-1007422
Greece# 0080012-3646
Guam 1-8772109792
Hong Kong* 800 908 749
Hungary 06-800-13811
Indonesia*,# 001-803-642-0006
Ireland# 1-808-556-049
Israel 1800-940-5069
Italy # 800-873852
Country Number
Japan# 00531 23 0004
Luxembourg 0800-9047
Malaysia* 1800 803 630
Mexico* 1800-123-0167
Netherlands# 0800-0249707
Norway 800-15591
Phillippines 1-800 1114-0824
Poland 0-0-800-1112-558
Portugal*,# 800 861 546
Singapore* 800 6421 649
Spain 900-941998
Sweden# 020-79-6793
Switzerland# 0800-891238
Thailand* 001-800-12-0663298
UK 0800 028 9761
USA 1877-219-3649

* Calls to New Zealand only
# Not available from mobile phones

Where to buy BBH Club Cards

Purchase from any participating BBH hostel, or online from the Budget Backpacker Hostels (BBH) website.

Where to find BBH Hostels
Don't forget to check out - the Budget Backpacker Hostels (BBH) website - for great places to stay while in New Zealand. BBH Hostels are located in the most beautiful spots in the country and are designed to make the most of your budget by giving you some of the best priced accommodation available, great facilities and plenty of local information.

**Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners


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