Talk Plus


  • Call home from 32 countries (do not use on phones with global roaming activated)
  • Recharge with Credit card** and get 10% extra credit FREE
  • Five language options: English, German, Japanese, Cantonese & Mandarin
  • High quality calls

  • Rates apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Rates are charged on a minute + minute basis and include GST. Final call charges will be rounded to the nearest cent.
  • Calls made using the National Access Number from payphones incur a 30c per minute surcharge.
  • Calls using the National Access Number from mobile phones incur a 30c per minute surcharge.
  • When making a Local Access call from a payphone or mobile phone, you may be charged by the service provider.
  • Rates effective from 20 October 2013 and may change without notice.
  • Dial 8588 from Vodafone mobiles for cheaper rates.
Country Rate National Access Rate

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TalkPlus Global Destinations Local Access National Access
Argentina 5.5c 5.5c
Australia 4.5c 4.5c
Austria 9c 9c
Belgium 5c 5c
Brazil 11c 11c
Canada 4.5c 4.5c
China 4c 3.9c
Denmark 8c 8c
Egypt 19c 19c
Ethiopia 42c 42c
France 4.9c 4.9c
Germany 4.9c 4.9c
Hong Kong 4.5c 4.5c
Hungary 5c 5c
India 5.5c 5.5c
Ireland 9c 9c
Israel 7.5c 7.5c
Italy 4.9c 4.9c
Japan 6.5c 6.5c
Malaysia 4.5c 4.5c
Netherlands 5c 5c
Nigeria 19c 19c
Norway 4.9c 4.9c
Philippines 31c 19c
Poland 8c 8c
Russia 22c 22c
Singapore 4.9c 4.9c
South Africa 5.9c 5.9c
Spain 4.9c 4.9c
Sudan 23c 23c
Sweden 4.9c 4.9c
Switzerland 4.9c 4.9c
United Kingdom 4.5c 4.5c
United States 4.5c 4.5c
Zambia 23c 8c
Zimbabwe 40c 22c

* excludes calls to +44845..., +44870... & +4470 numbers.
Mobile and Payphone surcharges may apply.

** Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners


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