• Worry free calls with no hidden charges
  • 24hr flat rates
  • No Connection Fees

How to use Pacific Talk

1. To make your first call using Pacific Talk from your home phone, choose your Local Access Number

Auckland 915 0019
Christchurch 962 0099
Dunedin 955 0099
Hamilton 957 0099
Gisborne 986 0999
Paihia 901 2001
Palmerston Nth 952 0086
Queenstown 901 0025
Rotorua 921 0085
Tauranga 928 0085
Wellington 913 0019
Whangarei 983 4999

See Pacific Talk rate sheet for a full list of current call rates.

From a Vodafone NZ mobile: Dial 8588 for surcharge free for overseas calls.^^
From other mobiles or payphones: Dial 0800 165 000^ or 015222
  • Hotels and motels may charge a service fee to use prepaid cards.
  • 0800, 0900, 018 and 0172 numbers cannot be called using Prepaid Calling Cards.

2. Enter your card number, then press # (number hidden under the silver tab on the back of your card)

3. To call within New Zealand: Dial area code + telephone number e.g. 09 123 4567. To call an international number: Dial area code + telephone number e.g. 00 09 123 4567

Customer Help
Call Free: 0508 508 773

^ When using 015222 or 0800 165 000 for calls from all mobiles and payphones a 25c p/m surcharge applies.
^^ When using 8588 from a Vodafone NZ mobile for calls to NZ numbers, a 10c p/m surcharge applies.

Do not use with Global Roaming

Terms & Conditions
Rates include GST and are charged by the minute. Final call charges will be rounded up to the nearest cent. Rates are valid from 1 November 2014 and may change without notice. Rates are based on using local access calling method to landlines, unless otherwise stated. The 8588 short-code can only be used from a Vodafone NZ mobile. Surcharges apply for calls to NZ numbers using the 8588 short-code. Surcharges also apply when using the national access number from all mobile phones and payphones. Credit balances are not refundable or transferable. Vodafone is not responsible for loss, theft or unauthorized use of the card or card number. Use of this card constitutes acceptance of the terms & conditions stated. Visit for full terms and conditions, rates and other information not listed here. Vodafone New Zealand Limited.


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