• Rates apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Rates are charged on a minute + minute basis and include GST. Final call charges will be rounded to the nearest cent.
  • Calls made from payphones incur a 25c per minute surcharge.
  • Calls made from mobiles incur a 25c per minute surcharge.
  • Rates effective from 07 November 2014 and may change without notice.
Country Rate

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SuperGold Card Destinations Rate
Argentina 5c
Australia 4c
Austria 7c
Belgium 3.5c
Brazil 8c
Canada 3c
China 4c
Denmark 4c
Egypt 19c
Ethiopia 40c
France 4c
Germany 4c
Hong Kong 4c
Hungary 5c
India 6c
Ireland 5c
Israel 6c
Italy 4c
Japan 7c
Malaysia 6c
Netherlands 4c
Nigeria 15c
Norway 4c
Philippines 19c
Poland 5c
Russia 23c
Singapore 5c
South Africa 4.5c
Spain 5c
Sudan 24c
Sweden 4c
Switzerland 4c
United Kingdom 4c
United States 3.5c
Zambia 23c
Zimbabwe 46c

* excludes calls to +44845..., +44870... & +4470 numbers.
Mobile and Payphone surcharges may apply.



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