SuperGold Card Phone


SuperGold Phone Card

Vodafone has partnered with SuperGold Card to offer you a phone card with cheaper toll calls from your home phone, mobile or payphone.

It's a great way to stay in touch within New Zealand and overseas.

Your credit balance is valid for 12 months.

To make a phone call:

  • Dial 0508 56 57 58 and listen to the voice instructions
  • Enter your card number (9 digits) and press #
  • Dial the number

To call a NZ landline, dial the area code + the phone number.
To call a NZ mobile, dial the mobile number only.
For international calls to landlines, dial 00 + the country code + the area code (without the first zero) + the phone number.
For international calls to mobiles, dial 00 + the country code + the mobile number (omitting any zero from the front).

How to use your SuperGold phonecard

When using 0508 56 57 58 from all mobile phones and payphones, a 25c p/min surcharge applies.

Vodafone Mobile Access (surcharge free for overseas calls from Vodafone NZ mobiles)
Dial 8587 surcharge free for overseas calls.  When using 8587 for calls to New Zealand numbers, a 10c per minute surcharge applies. 8588 cannot work from non-Vodafone NZ mobiles.

To link your phone card to your phone:

  • Dial 0508 56 57 58 and listen to the voice instruction
  • Enter your card number (9 digits) and press #
  • Listen for options and press *3

Now you will be able to make a call just by entering the access number 0508 56 57 58 and following the voice instructions.

Note: Only one SuperGold Phone Card can be linked at a time.

Calling Rates

Click here for SuperGold phone card rates.

* Your personal information will only be collected and held by us for the purpose of issuing you a SuperGold phone card.


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